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Research Article

Year : 2019 | Volume: 3 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 31-38

 Natural Convection with Surface Radiation in Vertical Channels with Multiple Heat Sources

K Swamy Nath1*, 2


Corresponding author

K Swamy Nath*


  • 1. Student

Received on: 1/6/2019

Revised on: 1/6/2019

Accepted on: 1/6/2019

Published on: 1/6/2019


A numerical investigation of conjugate natural convection with surface radiation heat transfer in a vertical channel with discrete heat sources mounted on one of its walls has been carried out. The following two configurations were investigated: (i) four heat sources with the in-line arrangement along the flow direction and (ii) a 3×4 array of heat sources. The working fluid considered is air and the flow is considered to be steady, laminar, incompressible, thermally and hydro dynamically developing. A parametric study is carried out to analyze the effect of modified Rayleigh number, the emissivity of heat source, substrate and the side walls, and the thermal conductivities of the substrate and heat sources on fluid flow and heat transfer


Rayleigh, number, emissivity, thermal, conductivities.