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Research Article

Year : 2019 | Volume: 3 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 28-38

Design and Fabrication of Solar Mobile RefrigeratorApplications

Yeshwanth Yammada1*, K. Rohit2


Corresponding author

Yeshwanth Yammada*

Sreyas IET

  • 1. Sreyas IET
  • 2. Sreyas

Received on: 1/6/2019

Revised on: 1/6/2019

Accepted on: 1/6/2019

Published on: 1/6/2019


Since we know that Refrigeration is an important part of human lie to make it comfortable and easy. But due to refrigeration’s high electricity requirement it is difficult to access the refrigeration in many parts of the world. On contrary Solar energy is reached to every part of the world and once set  it‘s most efficient renewable energy and also cheap to maintain and operate. Fusion of Refrigeration and Solar energy it makes up as the most efficient way to operate the refrigeration. By giving the Refrigeration Wheels for transport it can also be travelled to remote places and also can be carried when the Refrigeration is most required but cannot be accessed.


Solar Energy, Refrigeration, Renewable Energy, , .