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Sreyas.,   Volume(2) - Issue(4), 2018
pp 1-18,   DOI:123.10.2018041001

A Survey on Issues in Power Amplifier Applications

Promince P M;


Power amplifiers are designed for the most part to generate high output power, productively converting DC power to RF power, linear amplification, and so forth. In this paper, different qualities of power amplifiers actualized are discussed in Complementary to Metal Oxide Semiconductor, Gallium Nitride Monolithic Microwave integrated circuit, Gallium Nitride - high electron mobility transistor Doherty, Aluminum Gallium Nitride, high electron-mobility transistor, Gallium Nitride Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor, Silicon Carbide Metal Semiconductor, Field Effect Transistor, BiCMOS, Metal Oxide Semiconductor, BiFET, Gallium Arsenide- Pseudomorphic, high electron mobility transistor technologies were investigated. Numerous industrial utilizations of Power amplifiers in Global System for Mobile Communications, Enhanced data for global evolution, successive approximation, analog-to-digital converter, flash analog-to-digital converter, comparator, voltage-controlled oscillator and mixer circuits were additionally examined. The investigation plainly demonstrates numerous issues in existing literary works of power amplifiers.


Tin Oxide, Cobalt, Co-SnO2, Nanostructures, Synthesis Methods.

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