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SREAS IJST.,   Volume(2) - Issue(4), 2018
pp 47-61,   DOI:123.10.2018041005

Algal Biodiesel Formulation encompassing Ultra-Sonication Extraction aiding Western Coastal Marine Micro-Algal Strains

PM DIAZ;A.C.Umamaheshwer Rao


The demanding need for fuels for the propulsion of engines is on its surge so as to meet the needs that are exhibited by the constantly increasing number of vehicles, to facilitate the transportation facility. The generation of fuelscommonly referred as first, second and third, has emphasized on the usage of algal biomass, for the production of biodiesel. The biodiesel that is produced by algae is ensured to be low of pollutants by nature. Algae being less pollutant, doesn’t fail to fall short regarding its burning rate when compared to that of the diesel. The trans-esterification process involved increases the viscosity of biodiesel thereby making it a suitable competitor to that of diesel, for engines to propel. This project proposes the technique for producing biodiesel using algae that is cultivated by natural means from marine water. The technology of Ultra-Sonication or Ultrasound Assisted Extraction (UAE) that is used to speed up the efficiency of the biodiesel production when giving algal oil as input forms the highlight of the project proposed. Thestrains of algae are collected directly from marine water, rather than culturing the algae, a tiring process adopted in foreign countries. The ease of availability of algae near the western coastal areas of the Indian state Kerala which was already documented with algal blooms, was used as a valuable data to lead the project of biodiesel production, resulting in the nullification of the biodiesel productivity cost that is usually incurred while the algal culturing process is adopted in the case of Industrial reactor systems like Open Pond and Closed Pond Systems.


Algal blooms, Biodiesel, Closed Pond Systems, Marine water, Open Pond Systems, Transesterification, Ultra-Sonication Extraction.

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