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Sreyas.,   Volume(2) - Issue(9), 2018
pp 31-37,   DOI:123.10.2018021005

Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of Hydraulic press

A.C Umamaheshwer Rao;S. Raja Shekar


Using the optimum resources possible in designing the hydraulic presses frame can effect reduction in the cost of the hydraulic presses. By optimizing the weight of material utilized for building the structure. An attempt has been made in this direction to reduce the volume of material. In this project structural analysis followed by mass minimization of H-frame type hydraulic press based on topology optimization method. This press has to compensate the forces acting on the working plates and has to fulfil certain critical constraints. The frame structure has to withstand the forces generated while in operation and it is essential to calculate mechanical properties like total deformation and stress developed on the machinery. Hence, here the work has been being carried out on 1000 ton press machine. With regarding to design specification, stress distribution, deflection, and cost, are focused on optimized design. The methodology followed in this work is comparison of stresses induced in machine for different thickness used for construction of frame and column of the H-frame type hydraulic press


Hydraulic press, Quality, Optimization, plates, design specification.

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