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Sreyas.,   Volume(3) - Issue(3), 2019
pp 17-20,   DOI:123.10.2019031004

Smart Home Security With Owner Authentication Using IoT

K. Rohit Kumar;Shaik Ibrahim, 𝐀lladi Vinay, Reddy Reddy Sai Eshwar Reddy


The paper postulates a Smart Bell Notification System using Internet of Things. The proposed system will improve the security system and also reduce human interaction involved. This can be achieved by facial recognition and a password to unlock the door. The door shall be controlled by a servo motor which feeds on binary input system. If the face or password match, the input will be one and the door would open and vice versa. Also an important feature of live streaming over the internet has been incorporated. This will help the owner to communicate with the person outside irrespective of his location. A Raspberry Pi is used as a microcontroller. A touch screen LCD has also been integrated in the unit to enter the password.


IOT, Raspberry Pi, Face Recognition, Camera, PIR Sensor, Buzzer.

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